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Dry Times, Exciting Times, Beautiful Times

The end of the month of May and most of the first two weeks of June was a period of time in which rain was absent.  Nothing.  The air was even dry.  Mornings arrived without dew, without moisture.  Yet the blueberries were growing in size and beginning to ripen. No rain, hot weather, and sunny skies make for early ripening blueberries - but small ones. My fears of a lost crop laying heavy on my nurturing farmer's heart.

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Oh! How the days are filled with wonder! Farming, planting, weeding, tending, caring, and building.... Celebrating and rejoicing.  It's been a full month around these acres. 

Barn Raising

o·ver·whelmed - to be buried beneath a huge mass; to overcome completely in mind or feeling

It happens every Spring.  The long dark days of winter sequestered in the confines of our warm & small farm home result in me wondering and dreaming about growing things... through electronic media.  "Oh! That looks lovely!"  "Why, I wonder, have I not planted that before?" "Maybe a few more of this will add even more beauty to my bouquets..."  "People asked about this vegetable, (ok, only once), I should try growing it."  So I peruse catalogs, websites, Pinterest, and dream of the sweet aroma of Oriental lilies, cactus zinnias, poppies the size of dinner plates.  I order, and then order, and then order more....  Seeds, starts, and plants....  And by the time May comes I am inundated with planting and transplanting, weeding and more weeding.

So as always, I press on.  Press on through the achy joints and stiff muscles.  Unsure of whether they are due to…

The Rush of Spring

Spring brings a frenetic pace around these parts.  Tilling, planting, weeding, tending, birthing, chopping, burning, digging, and sculpting the soil..... in between copious amounts of soggy cold days which chilled the soil and seemed to never let up.  As we watched the rains come down for over two weeks, the weeds grew, the grass flourished and the flowers bloomed.  Finally, the sun came sliding through the clouds warming the bones and nurturing the warmer weather crops.  Asparagus and rhubarb stretching their stems skyward.

Seven of my hives from last year survived the winter and are doing well.  So well that I double- supered them right before the cold wet weather came.  Now they are eager and "busy as bees" to capture as much nectar and pollen from the spring blooming flowers and trees as they can.  In two weeks I will harvest the delightful springtime honey - my favorite honey of all.

In the meantime, planting of the dahlias, orchid gladiolus, and ranunculus kept me bus…